(shoes: Dinsko, skirt, purse: Primark, coat: secondhand, sweater: street shop, necklace: Promod )

Hi guys! Right now I am in Czech republic with my friends to celebrate New Years Eve. It´s a very small and kind of old hotel in the mountains, but we love it here! Yesterday, amongst other things we went sightseeing, so we visited this old windmill, I felt like I was in a fairy tale :) But the highlight of the day was in the evening, which we spend in the whirlpool drinking champagne - what a super/cozy/amazing evening it was!
But let´s get back to my outfit. This skirt and sweater  are new in my closet, I bought them in London. Those of you who follow me on Instagram already knew that I was there two weeks ago. It was a beautiful week full of sightseeing and spending some quality time with my family - we had so much fun! Actually, it was my third time in London, but I was still proud of myself because I was a guide for my parents. I planned the whole trip ahead of time and (surprisingly) everything worked out incredibly well. And this brings me to my last point.  
I feel like 2013 was an amazing year full of new experiences, new places, new friends and hopefully new habits. For example, the trip to London because instead of spending my summer-job money on clothes, I used it for my parents and our trip. You can´t buy that feeling and the happiness it brings! 2013 was simply  great and I hope 2014 will be even better for all of us. I hope that you will enjoy every moment 2014 will bring and make the best of it!
And guys, let´s enjoy the end of this year and start the new one in the best way possible!     

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