Pre-Fall 2013


Viem, že jeseň 2013 je ešte ďaleko, keďže ešte nedávno sme mali jeseň 2012 :) Ale ako sa to hovorí? Najlepšie je nosiť módu zajtrajška dnes, hahaha. Mne sa zo zatiaľ zverejnených kúskov páči najviac Phillip Lim a jeho modro-leopardia kombinácia :)
Skutočne dúfam, že nebude koniec sveta pretože móda roku 2013 bude božská!! Takže moje módne dievčence a chlapci modlime sa!!!!!

I know that autumn 2013 seems so far away, because only a few weeks ago we had autumn 2012 :) But how is it said? The best is to wear fashion of tomorrow, today, hahaha. There is not that many already publicated pieces, but my favorite is Phillip Lim and his blue-leopard combination :)
I really really hope, the world will not end, because fashion for 2013 seems so divine!!! So my fashion girls and boys lets pray!!!!!

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  1. Nádherné veci :)
    Práve rozbieham blog pridajte sa alebo pozrite, komentuje :) Budem rada

  2. I loved your blog and your style..really it looks so cute and sylish..If you visit my blog and follow me i will be so happy:) thanks dear..xoxo..

  3. Úžasné! moc se mi líbí č. 9!

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