New York, day 1

this month I am going to write only in English because I am on English course and I want to improve it.
So, yesterday I arrived to my hostfamily, they are really very sweet, I share room with the girl from Spain (I love her hair) and on the second floor live two girls from Germany.

Flight: 9 hours, 4 filmy, 4 meals and 7103 km, it was really boring...

Yesterday was 4.7. and its Independent day here and in the centre was fireworks, but I (silly) fall asleep and didn´t see it :( and Justin Bieber sang on Times Square (I think, maybe its not true)

Now I am leaving Bronx to see Times Square (of course with my cam)

In addition, here are some photos I took today morning. Its only my street, house and my room.

This is very boring post, but its only introdustion. Today I take more interesting photos, I hope.



  1. :):)
    teším sa už na ďalšie fotky!!!pofoť aj tú tvoju Španielku

  2. Ahojky.. užij si New York plnými doušky.. podniknout podobnou cestu za studiem jako ty byl vždy můj sen, ale chybí mi odvaha. Takže už se těším na další tvé fotky z New Yorku :)

  3. Anonymous7/19/2010

    Zuzankíta, si milá že poďakuješ, len škoda, že si prvé dni písala po anglicky.