This girl is crazy!

Oh, I live in very small town called Trenčín (60 000 people) so when I yesterday went out in my cute socks with high heels, everybody look at me like you are crazy girl! I didn´t care, only give my big sunglasses on my eyes and go:) I laught whole way :)
Maybe you have the same experience so tell me... I am very inqusitive :)
I am really sorry - the quality isn´t very good - but you know, it was photographed in the evening :(


  1. podla man to vyzera skvele.Viem si predstavi pohlady okoloiducich...ale chvalim za odvahu:)

  2. krásne sú tie topánky! :)

    Le Plee ( )

  3. pekná kabelka, ponožky sú veľmi zlaté