New York, day 2

Hello everybody :)

today I was very busy, in school we took a test and had a lot of presentations about course (boring!) but I knew some sweet people, girl from Moskow (Russia) - Tania, boy from Istanbul (Turkey) -Dogan and also boy form Slovakia (unbeliable!) and he is from the same city like me (Trenčín) - Jaroslav.

So, and after school we went together to The City (its familiar name for Dowtown - Manhattan). Today there was about 40 °C so we had a break in every McDonald and Starbucks.

My ascertainings: 
- Serial story about skinny and beautiful american girls are lies! Girls here are FAT totally FAT! But on the other hand the cheapes food here is in fast foods, so poor americans :( and I think the actress in serials (Gossip girl, O.C.California, Beverly hills 90210 etc) are anorectics! I saw 2 or 3 skinny girls.
- Designer clothes and shoes are really cheap here, but not for ordinary people like me, maybe for somebody is perfect when Prada shoes costs 1 500$ and after 50% sale costs 750$ but I think is still expensive.
People here are really friendly, we asked so many times for advice or direction and they were so kind to help us :)
they think its part of Russia, but knows who is Marek Hamšík :)
 - Starbucks, i love it but I think is really expencive, I am sorry but it is! I coffe costs 5-7$, when I see that in HM are sales and dresses and shoes for the same you can choose, drink one coffe for 7$ or buy a beautiful dress for 7$  and all girls will be jealous :) Yes, I know I am a bad girl :)

So, photos are from Central park and ambient.

I have one idea that every day I can visit one of the most famous store here and make a report about prices, staff and also take a lot of photos - if it will be able. Its because today I spoke with my share room girl about prices and where to shop in NY, one example - Lacoste T-shirt on 5th Ave = 75$, the same T-shirt in outlet 20 min from centre 20$ and there are so many discounts for tourist for example in Macy´s - 10% or in another stores where you pay full price but on the airport they refund you tax (if you have a bill). 
One more thing, I want to thank you Foly D. Sante.

In front of one restaurant near Central Park, in this car were really scary statues

Central park, everybody in relaxing...

Yes, everybody is relaxing own way, can you imagine this in Slovakia? I think everybody think that he is homeless...

In Central park you can see everything...

Its a little scary, isn´t it? Only at night...


There is a piano, you can play for free :)

This fontain is near the small lake.

They had colourful make-up and took photos of each other...and nobody cares!

I like this woman, she looks like from India and is very beautiful. I think her handbag isn´t fake :)

I wore comfortable clothes, I can´t imagine to walk whole day in high heels with mini skirt :)

My new NY friends (My, Slovakia, Turkey, Russia)


  1. a presne toto sa mi páči na veľkých mestách,že každý si tam robí čo cche a nikto sa nestará.
    To,že je tam plno tučných ľudí som už počula,ale tak pri takých potravinách sa inak ani nedá podľa Mňa.Však vweď uvidíme či prídeš domov pribratá:))

    Neni zač ďakovať:)

  2. Krasne fotografie! Na margo kavy za 7 dolarov... Myslim, ze vacsina z "nas" by radsej kupila nieco na seba :D
    Amerika, krajina tucnych...ja si myslim a vlaste si to aj potvrdila. Nikto sa tomu nemoze cudovat, pri tych fastfoodoch... Nemam rad fastfoody :D.

  3. Dakujem za komentíky :)

  4. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Fakt krasne fotky! Uplne ti zavidim ale zaroven aj prajem to, ze si v New Yorku. A velmi sa tesim na kazdy tvoj novy post:)

  5. Anonymous7/19/2010

    Zuzankíta ty stíhaš fotiť, písať,odpovedať,chodiť všade pozerať a čo nožky vládzu? Rodičia čo na to?